Lundelius McDaniels Water Quality Pond

Austin, Texas

After discovering pollutants from storm runoff were draining into a significant Barton Springs Zone recharge feature, The City of Austin Watershed Protection and Development Review Department decided upon a water quality retrofit project to remove the pollutants.

The Lundelius McDaniels Water Quality Pond directs storm runoff from a nearby subdivision into a landscaped depression, where the water has an opportunity to spread out and gradually be reabsorbed into the ground.  The ground beneath the pond is specially engineered to remove as many pollutants from the water as possible.  The pond treats runoff from approximately 200 acres and enables the removal of 35,000 pounds of pollution a year from storm water.

Encotech was retained to provide Civil and Structural Engineering services for this $3.9 million project.  Encotech provided structural design of the concrete weir, designed all slopes and final grades of the pond, and hydraulic and waterflow studies.