Waller Creek Tunnel

Austin, Texas

For years, Austin’s Waller Creek has been plagued by flooding, erosion and liter.  To solve this problem, the Waller Creek Flood Control Tunneling project developed a plan to build a stormwater bypass tunnel.  When complete, the mile-long tunnel will capture and redirect flood waters and safely carry them to an outlet lagoon at Lady Bird Lake.

Encotech provided structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services for many aspects of this huge infrastructure project, including work on the 4th Street Inlet, 8th Street Inlet, the outlet structure at Lady Bird Lake, Waller Creek Bridge, Waterloo Park Inlet, and a boathouse facility.

In collaboration with other subconsultants, major aspects of the project included setting the horizontal and vertical geometry for the hidden structural skeleton and the rock-lined exedra of the outlet structure; designing the abstract hydraulic surfaces and contours of the outlet structure to compliment the forms and materials of the nearby Hill country; and defining multiple base lines and profiles to disguise the massive structure, while maintaining its functional surfaces.