Kelly Lane Middle School

Austin, Texas

As one of the most aesthetically appealing and functional middle schools in Texas, the Kelly Lane Middle School was the first design of its type in the Pflugerville Independent School District. The dramatic use of soaring glass defines the building’s entry and welcomes students and the community.

Encotech was responsible for the structural design of the 140,000 square foot school and developed the design development and construction documents.  The building consists of a structural steel frame with concrete masonry interior walls and is punctuated with large light wells accentuating the crossings of its primary corridors.  The light wells rise prominently above the roof plane and are in the shape of truncated cones.  Encotech developed the shapes with customized cylindrical assemblies and integrated them to the orthogonal roof structure in order to maintain the structure’s material continuity, and the integrity of the roof system.

The long building is situated on expansive soil and Encotech solved the structural challenges by designing a pier supported reinforced concrete foundation which rests on the less volatile deep soil strata.  The beams and slabs between the piers are self-supporting and span over the problematic surface soil.