Cris Cole Rehabilitation Center

Austin, Texas

Encotech was retained to provide Electrical Engineering design for the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services lighting renovation project at the Cris Cole Rehabilitation Center.  The project involved design for the replacement of all lighting fixtures in the 81,000 square foot facility, as well as all exterior lighting.  Encotech’s design lowered the overall energy usage of the building by replacing the existing incandescent lighting fixtures with fluorescent lighting fixtures.  The design also replaced the existing switches at the resident rooms with occupancy sensors. These sensors ensure that the lighting fixtures are turned off when the rooms are not in use.

Encotech specified fixtures so that the interior lighting replacement lamps were standardized to three lamp types.  Having standardized lamps makes it easier for the facility to maintain spare lamps and simplifies the replacement process for the staff.

Encotech also coordinated the construction schedule to ensure that the lighting retrofit could be performed while the space was occupied and would not prevent normal operation from occurring, minimizing the impact of the work on the activities of the building occupants.