Alamo Amphitheater

San Antonio, Texas

Encotech was contracted by the Texas General Land Office to provide Structural and Electrical Engineering services for an arbor roof extension to the existing arbor/trellis located on the Alamo grounds in San Antonio, Texas.  This project accommodated the rearrangement of the site’s equipment and dedicated spaces.  The design services provided the necessary revisions for the new photography space to be located under the extension and the relocation of 7 vending machines to be under the old roof.

The Encotech team conducted a site visit to measure the existing structure and diagram its existing electrical system.  The measurements included delineation of existing bay sizes, member sizes, standing seam metal roofing system, gutter/downspout system, exposed wood finish system(s) and structural connection system for duplication in the proposed
arbor roof extension and for selective demolition of the trellis bays that will be removed to make way for the roof extension.  The electrical services involved analysis of the panel to verify the feasibility of additional lighting and ceiling fans and the scheduling fixtures to match the existing equipment.