Holly Power Plant Decommissioning

Austin, Texas

The City of Austin’s Holly Street Power Plant ceased production in September 2007.  Located on a nine-acre riverfront city-owned property, the plant was an eyesore and environmental hazard and was scheduled to be decommissioned in 2011.  Following demolition, master plans call for redeveloping the site as a park with an arts center. 

Encotech provided Structural Engineering services for the decommissioning plan.  This included removal of numerous water intake structures, tank foundations and other buildings on the site. Encotech provided construction documents to establish the final disposition of the ancillary buildings/structures, in coordination with other members of the design team.

The power plant was located in a residential area with multiple schools and parks, consequently dust and noise control and style of demolition were important elements of Encotech’s decommissioning plan.  Also transport of debris was a critical part of the clean-up and Encotech developed a solution to rehabilitate an existing railroad line near the site to transport the demolished materials via train.