As communities contend with ever-evolving transportation challenges, they must address many interconnecting issues to create efficient and effective solutions. At Encotech, we believe every aspect of a community’s transportation system (from infrastructure to the disparate modes of transportation it supports) should be viewed as one asset and leveraged to the benefit of its citizens.

Encotech assists with this by providing structural design of transportation infrastructure, including bridge superstructure and foundation design, retaining walls, and structural engineering for drainage structures.

Our staff has multiple TxDOT pre-certifications. Our engineers manage efforts to prioritize, cost and develop clients’ transportation programs as well as the implementation of design, letting, and construction of those projects.

Transportation Services
Bridge design
Cost estimating
Stormwater conveyance systems
Drainage outfall and structures design
Retaining walls

TxDOT Pre-Certifications
5.2.1      Bridge Design
8.2.1      Illumination
9.1.1      Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Development
10.4.2    Pump Stations-Electrical
10.4.3    Pump Stations-Structures
14.3.1    Transportation Foundation Studies
14.4.1    Building Foundation Studies
17.1.1    Structural Engineering
17.2.1    Mechanical Engineering
17.3.1    Plumbing Engineering
17.4.1    Electrical Engineering

Team Members