Throughout time, man has built dwellings, markets, bridges, viaducts, and houses of worship that both serve a purpose and embody various aspects of our cultures. Over hundreds of years, building methods and materials have evolved as innovations were introduced and our structures became more cost-effective, complex, long-lived and safe. Saying yes to the challenge of trying new design methods or testing new materials for construction has been the driver of innovation.  

At Encotech, we want to be the structural engineer that says yes to the challenges that help fulfill our clients’ vision. We believe that innovative structures can also be cost-effective and safe. We regularly work with a project’s architect and the other technical disciplines to ensure our structural designs meet standards and help create a great project.

Encotech provides structural engineering services to a number of market segments including residential, commercial, education, healthcare, transportation and general infrastructure. We regularly work with owners and their architects during project development setting parameters that are established in the preliminary engineering report. In addition to providing preliminary and final design services for new structures, we have an extensive resume in the retrofit and repurposing of existing structures.

Structural Services
Steel framing and composite steel design
Timber framing design
Soil supported foundation design
Suspended foundation design
Retaining wall design and site structures
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Clash detection
Concrete framing design
Post-Tensioned concrete design
Concrete tilt-wall design
Concrete insulated panel design
Concrete masonry unit design
Construction administration services
Preliminary engineering reports
Opinions of probable cost
Infrastructure design


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