We live in a world of convenience with electricity and lighting available on demand, the ability to regulate temperature down to the degree, and water routed directly to our homes and office buildings to use as we wish.  These are all conveniences supplied by the work of MEP engineers.

If buildings were alive, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems would correspond to the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems of the human body.  What we do may be mechanical and electrical engineering, but in reality we create better living buildings inside and out.  In the built environment, it is about comfort, practicality and value.  We design systems to provide light and temperature control, regulate humidity, smell, sound, and clean air, as well as provide ready access to water and electricity.  We follow energy paths from fossil fuels all the way to the roof of our structures supporting renewable energy powered by the sun.  The same is also true for water, whether it comes from our oceans and lakes miles away, or from rainfall collected on the rooftop.  Our goal is to follow nature's lead and design systems to create comfortable interior environments while being powered by the sun, fed by rainfall, and moving closer towards "zero" waste.

Encotech delivers exceptional design, ideas, and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, and value creation.  At Encotech, we work hand-in-hand with owners and architects to make sure "invisible" features such as pipes, ducts, conduits, and cables along with a host of others are well integrated with architectural, structural and civil systems.  Sustainability and green building design is in Encotech’s DNA and the core to our employee’s beliefs.  It is a template for our business model.  Our commitment to sustainable engineering and “zero” waste initiative practices is evident in our office culture.  These standards include energy efficient high-performance commercial buildings, environmentally friendly and resourceful in terms of water use and indoor environmental quality.  We aggressively utilize our energy in creating intelligent, innovative engineering solutions that give our clients the freedom to meet or exceed their goals.

Mechanical & Plumbing Services
Heating Systems
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Air-Conditioning Systems
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Grease Trap Systems
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Hot Water Recirculation Systems
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Laboratory Systems
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Mechanical and Plumbing Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning
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Electrical Services
Lighting Design and Photometric Analysis
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Clean Power for Computer Systems
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Generator Systems
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Ground Fault Systems
Landscape Lighting Systems
Low Voltage Lighting and Control Systems
Automated Lighting Control System Design
Electrical Commissioning and Retro Commissioning

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