The products of Civil Engineering design inevitably result in the creation of structures which shape and transform the natural environment into the built environment. Although simplistic, that definition of Civil Engineering does capture the essence of our contribution to the art of Civil Engineering Design. Whether it is a bridge allowing traffic to span streams or a culvert used to channel storm water away from neighborhood parks; the structures designed by Encotech have helped to transform the natural environment. Encotech works to ensure that the built environments or structures solve the practical needs of the public without physical or aesthetic detriment to the natural environment.

While the various calculations used to plan and design civil structures are products of science, the art of civil design emerges when the transformation of the environment is accomplished while minimizing or mitigating any negative impacts of man-made development. Encotech provides services to ensure the stability and viability of civil projects from buildings and bridges to tunnels and trails. Encotech has operated with the intention of merging the science of civil structural engineering with the art of civic and natural enhancement to create structures that promote functional and aesthetic harmony between the natural environment and the built environment.

Civil Services
Preliminary & final opinion of probable construction cost
Drainage outfall and structural design
Retaining walls


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