ABIA 9-Gate Terminal Expansion

Austin, Texas

During the initial construction of Austin Bergstrom International Airport, the planners anticipated growth for the facility and designed it for seamless future expansion. Encotech provided peer review services for both MEP and structural Engineering aspects of this expansion.

Encotech’s engineers supported the design of the new apron and deicing pond, where deicing chemicals drain and collect so that they do not seep into the ground and pollute the water supply. Encotech also reviewed designs for the MEP and Structural pieces of new passenger exit lanes, temporarily elevated walkways, and improvements to the existing terminal.

Encotech’s engineers also worked to ensure the accuracy and stability of a subsurface package, including piping, foundations (with columns and piers), and electrical cables.

For this project, Encotech’s engineers worked with personnel at Gensler to develop a template for feedback in QA/QC and clash detection. Encotech loaded design documents from the various disciplines into a three-dimensional model and examined thousands of potential clashes in each design phase, ultimately concluding that between 150 and 200 of those clash-es posed significant problems. This process saved hours and expense, by identifying deficiencies before they caused real conflict.