Butterfly Bridge at 2nd Street

Austin, Texas

As part of a large downtown redevelopment project, the City of Austin constructed a new pedestrian and vehicular bridge at 2nd Street in the Seaholm District, which extends from the East side of Shoal Creek to West Avenue. The construction included approximately 550 LF of new road and sidewalks, including the Butterfly bridge, approximately 250 feet over Shoal Creek.

The design of 2nd Street, between the new bridge and new West Avenue, follows a woonerf (or festival street) design concept so that the area between the New Central Library and the Seaholm Substation Wall Art In Public Places project reads as a plaza, with pedestrians and vehicles kept separate by bollards lining the street.

Encotech Engineering Consultants, Inc. was hired to provide structural and electrical engineering services for this mix-use vehicular and pedestrian bridge project. The scope of work included the design of the pedestrian walkway decks, a concrete deck for the main traffic lanes, East/West approach slabs, and connections for all pedestrian handrails and traffic rails. Encotech also provided an electrical design for the street pole lighting and bridge lighting, coordination for electrical power to traffic signal controllers, receptacles at the Great Street tree wells, and irrigation controllers.