Austin Mayor Forms Urban Rail Group to Choose Transit Alignment

June 28, 2013

The group that will be weighing in on the alignment for Austin’s urban rail met for the first time June 26.  

Officially called the Central Corridor Advisory Group, the members will be providing input on public transit solutions for the Project Connect Central Corridor, which would include urban rail. The CCAG will be advising Mayor Lee Leffingwell to prioritize an alignment for urban rail.

The mayor said that any maps that currently show an alignment are not official or final. Kyle Keahey, who serves as the urban rail lead for Project Connect, said a working plan of the project scope and the roles and responsibilities of consultants hired to assist the CCAG will be presented to the CCAG at the next meeting Aug. 16.

“We understand collectively that working with the public is absolutely essential in order to move the project forward,” he said. “… That is our objective: To make sure that [the urban rail plan] is supported by the public, especially if there is a bond vote involved.”

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